‘They say that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people…

I guess we’re screwed then.’

Social Events

Why are social events so daunting? Is being alone a good or bad thing? Am I going insane? Let’s discuss!

Should You Go to University?

Is a university education worth it? Should everyone have the opportunity to go to university? Can you really do a degree in David Beckham? Let’s discuss!

Quit Your Job, Follow Your Passion

Does everyone have a passion? How much value do we put on work? Has the current mindset changed as a result of the pandemic? Let’s discuss!

Some People Are Stupid

Why is it taboo to say that someone is lacking intelligence? Why are some traits given more value than others? Let’s discuss!

Introverts in Public

How to introverts handle everyday tasks? Why are an introverts behaviours seemingly inconsistent? Are there any ways to understand them? Let’s discuss!

Introverts as Lovers

A slightly different post in which I tell the rather comical story of meeting Ella, my beloved partner in social awkwardness. Can introverts hold relationships? Can introverts share their personal space? Let’s Discuss!

Introverts as Friends

Can introverts have friends? Do introverts event want to have friends? How do introverts handle friendship? Let’s discuss!

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Is our education system broken? What even is success? Why do we get passed the same messaging over and over again? Is there anything we can do about it? Let’s discuss!

Great Expectations

Does what other people think matter? Why are we expected to be certain people and do certain things? Should we accept an opportunity just because it’s there? Let’s discuss!

A Poll! Prime Minister…

Here at Cam’s Blog, we like to get to know our readers, whoever they may be. We only want to talk dirty about people that are not regular viewers (this is, of course, a joke. We are all friendly people here). So tell us, who are you?


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