Who am I?

A ‘Brief’ Introduction

Hello, I’m Cam, paging you from sunny England, somewhere in the centre. It’s the middle of February, and it’s snowing. Other than that, it’s a pretty normal day, in a pretty normal suburb, of a pretty normal city (excluding the current pandemic of course, but for reasons that will become clear, that doesn’t really change my life).

So what makes me special? Well, other than the usual ‘everyone is special’ rhetoric we constantly get drilled down our throats, absolutely nothing. I grew up in a small town in the countryside, and eventually left to attend university. Now, I have finished my education, have a job, and have recently moved into my first house. A pretty standard route through life so far, ‘the world is my oyster’ and all that.

However, I’m an introvert. Now, being an introvert isn’t exactly uncommon. So why is that so worthy of note? Well, stating the obvious, introverts have a less than optimal relationship with people. In a world where the global population is surging towards 8 billion, the phrase ‘the world is my oyster’ can be quite daunting. We, humanity, are sat here on some rock, a mere speck in the cosmos, hurtling through space. We have everyday financial stresses, work stresses and family stresses that can get us down. Furthermore, according to quantum mechanics, there is a non zero probability that we may spontaneously fall through the floor. As I am writing this, there could be an asteroid the size of Spain careening towards my laptop. All of this can give one some intense existential dread and anxiety, sure.

But, for an introvert, and I mean a proper introvert, not some social butterfly who will go and party for 12 hours straight and then afterwards claim that they’re introverted because they want some alone time. I’m talking about the sort of introversion that comes with the view that despite all of the daunting worries that we come across every day, nothing in the entire universe is more stressful than having to deal with people. I could be hanging off of a mile high cliff by my pinky finger, about to fall to my death, and I couldn’t shout for some help for fear of being an inconvience or sounding rude.

Ok, maybe I got a little sidetracked, and that last example was rather silly, but you get the jist. The point is, for an introvert, everything seems more difficult, because everything nowadays seems to involve people. Even when you talk to a chatbot over the phone – an invention that makes an active attempt to remove people from the equation, you know that eventually it’s going to screw up and direct you to a human. In my experience, and without a shadow of a lie, I always make sure to go to the toilet before putting myself through this.

Why am I Writing a Blog?

Anyway, moving swiftly on. So, if dealing with people is so ghastly, why am I here writing to you now? I could very easily start my own private diary and never show another soul (except for my cat). Well, the conflicting point is that I don’t dislike people. Counterintuitively, I dislike the fact that I hate the prospect of having to deal with them.

I, like many other introverts, crave human interaction. It just has to be in very small doses. I wish I wanted to be the life and soul of the party, but to put it simply, I don’t. The purpose of this blog is to share my own nauseating experience of introversion coupled with my potentially rather eccentric personality. Do I speak for all introverts? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. But, perhaps some of you fellow peoplephobes can jump on the bandwagon and join my introverted club in this small pocket of the internet. We can learn together, develop together, laugh together. After all, we are all stuck on this extrovert dominated rock together, so we mayaswell unite… but separately, in our own rooms, hiding behind our own keyboards, with our webcams turned off.

Until next time, I thank you for the read.


Photo by C├ędric VT on Unsplash

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